In its inaugural year of 2009, Arts on the Edge Wolfeboro brought a variety of progressive programming.

"Masai Women Frowning" by Marcia Christensen

"Masai Women Frowning" by Marcia Christensen

The season began with a six-week painting exhibit featuring New York artist Laurie Olinder and New Hampshire artist Marcia Christensen.

The first event was a concert by the Christ’s College Choir of Cambridge England which featured traditional works as well as a new piece by Arts on the Edge’s founder Toby Twining.

Four events during one week in August was the highlight of the season.

The week featured concerts by concert pianist Margaret Leng-Tan and Toby Twining Music, as well as dance performances by Eiko and Koma, and Leslie Dworkin and Darla Stanley.

Blue Circles

"Blue Circles" by Laurie Olinder

Each of these events was followed by a public discussion led by a theologian or scholar.

Several free workshops were held during the week as well, focusing on movement, voice and instruments.  There was also a separate public discussion entitled “Church and Faith: An Unholy Divorce” that was attended by people of all faiths.

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