Sculptor Charles McCollough

Saturday, August 13 at 10 am, sculptor and UCC minister Charles McCollough gave a tour of the sculptures in Cate Park. While finishing his PhD. in Theology, Charles McCollough began formally studying art. He was ordained as a minister in the United Church of Christ and worked as a teacher, editor, writer, and popular speaker throughout the country. All the while he studied drawing and sculpture at places such as the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, the Princeton Art Association, the Johnson Atelier, Mercer County College, and Joe Brown’s Studio. Some of his works will be on display during the weekend at First Congregational Church Wolfeboro. Mr. McCollough also preached the 10 am service at FCCW on 8/14, with a lecture/discussion to follow in which McCollough presented two PowerPoint slide shows of his original art works showing how visual art is a spiritual journey and how it can be used to interpret scripture, in particular, some of the parables of Jesus will be presented from his last book on the parables. He interprets the Bible taking account of the economic and political context of Jesus’ time under the Roman Empire and how that informs our own time. He will display a few of his sculptures as well as many images of them.

These events are free and open to the general public.

Charles McCollough

Made possible in part by a grant from the Putnam Foundation of the New Hampshire Charitable Trust and The Cate Park Fund.

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